Wire Sculptured Pendants and Pins

Gorgeous Agate
Stone Uniquely
Wrapped With
Sterling Silver Fill Wire
Pretty Hot Pink
Agate Stone And
Bead Pendant 
Wrapped With Sterling
Silver Fill Wire

Silver Fabric and
Wired Flower Pin.
Lapel, Hair,
Handbag, Etc.


Dalmation Jasper And
Onyx Stones
Accent Beautifully Veined
Agate Stone Pendant
Wrapped In 14 K Gold
Filled Wire

Beautiful Tiger Eye
Pendant Wrapped
With Howlite And
Tiger Eye 
Wrapped In Sterling 
Silver Fill Wire
Beautiful Bronze
Color Agate
Pendant Wrapped In
Gold Plated Copper
Wire  $18.00

 Beautiful Agate
 Pendant With Veins
Of Pink And Onyx
Beads Wrapped With
Sterling Silver Wire

Unique Pin Is A Handmade
Ultra Suede Flower
With Bead Spray
Green And Copper
Color Pendant With
Jade And
Fire Agate Accent
Wrapped In 14 K 
Gold Fill Wire

Pretty Wire
Sculpture And Bead Pendant.
Length 4 1/2 in.
Silver Color Wire


Stunning Black And 
Grey Botswana Agate
Wrapped In Sterling 
Silver Fill Wire


White With Streaks
 Of Brown
Accent This Agate 
In 14 k Gold Filled Wire
Pendant $46.00
Collar $16.00 

Beautiful Green And
Copper Agate With
Jade And Fire
Agate Beads
Wrapped In14k
Gold Fill Wire
Green Agate Stone 
With A Shimmer
Of Grey And
Wrapped In Sterling
Silver Fill Wire

Collar Sold Separately
For $16.00
Delicate Black
Agate Pendant
Wrapped In
Sterling Silver
 Fill Wire
Lovely Veined
Agate Stone Wire
Wrapped In
Sterling Silver
Fill Wire
Collar $16.00

Gorgeous Agate
Stone Accented
With Jasper Beads
And Wrapped In
14 K Gold
Fill Wire
Rough Cut Agate
With Teal Veins
Beautifully Wrapped
With 14k Gold
Fill Wire

Collar Sold 
Separately For $16.00

Collars Are
Gold Or Silver
Electroplate And
Can Be Purchased
Separately For
$16.00 Each

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