Beautiful Shades Of Pink 
Mother Of Pearl, Agate 
And Glass Wrapped
In Silver Color Wire

Turquiose Color
Jasper Highlighted
With Mother Of
Glass Crystals

Lovely Green
Agate Surrounded
Designer Like
 Glass And Beads.
Wrapped In Silver
Go Anywhere Necklace!
Simple Double
Wired Necklace
In Silver
Colored Wire
Matching Eaerings
Beautiful Neutral
Agate Stones
With Antique
Jasper Stone and
Wire Wrapped
  In Silver
Colored Wire
Wire Sulptured
Collage Necklace With
Quartz Stone And
Pastel Tiles
Wrapped In Gold
Color Wire
Simple Elegance!
Double Wrapped
Black Onyx With Black
And Silver Color Wire
Unique Foiled
Designer Glass
Wrapped In Gold
Color Wire

Stunning Agate Stone
With Quartz Barrels
And Beaded
Glass With Gold
Color Wire

 Botswana Agate Accented
Handmade And Wired
Flower Necklace

Go Anwhere!  Double
Wrapped Necklace
In Black And Silver
Color Wire
Matching Earrings
Gorgeous Collage Necklace
Lined With Beautiful 
Hand Cut Glass In Shades 
Of Blue And Finished With Wire Wrapping



Lovely Agate Stone
Collage Necklace
 Wrapped With
Silver Colored Wire

Simple And
Elegant Black Onyx
Highlighted With
Black Glass
Stones And Wire
Wrapped in Gold.

Beautiful Hot Pink
Mother Of Pearl,
Agate and Metal
Accents With Silver
Color Wire


Stunning Designer
Glass Complimated
Silver Color
Beautiful Onyx
Stone Accented
With Foiled
Glass And
Silver Color Wire

Black Agate
And Glass With
Foiled Designer
Glass And Silver
Color Wire
Dramatic Black
Onyx Accented With
Graf Design
Mother of Pearl.
A glass 
Crystal To Add
 Some Bling!
Lovely Agate
Highlighted With
Mother of Pearl
And Wrapped In
Gold Color Wire
Collage Necklace
Featuring Beautiful
Tiger Eye Stones
Accented With
Foiled Glass Beads
Gorgeous Neutral
Agate And Jasper
Stones Wrapped In
Silver Color Wire
Very Dramatic Collage
Necklace In Blue And 
White Handcut Glass
Design With Silver
Color Wire

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My Handcrafted
Flower Necklace
 Gold Color Wire And Bead Center
And Wire Wrapped
 Gold Colored

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